Why Real Estate invest with us and why in Tucson Metropolitan area?

I have been involved with marketing contract consultation for over 8 years. My marketing background is key to seeing both sides on the coins of buying and selling in real estate. I am one of those agent investors that “just understand it”. Myself and my business partners are able to think outside normal constricted ways of thinking to find unique and complex ways of becoming successful in my ventures.

In 2008 I started out in marketing promotions for a local bar/restaurant called Centro. I ultimately moved on to a more influential role with a conglomerate called Congress Street Clubs. From this venture I was able to rub shoulders with some of the most influential and successful people in the metro. I was able to fine tune my marketing and networking skills, as well as refine P&L and monitor profit margin thru contracted partners.

Through these past ventures, fast forward 9 years later and I am now a local real estate agent and partner investor. I decided to focus on this Tucson real estate investing niche because it is an unmet need. We agents can been seen as “a dime a dozen”. But mix a licensed real estate agent with media marketing professional, and an investor; what do you have? You have a very powerful Tucson real estate investing partner in your corner.

Bringing your out of state dollars here from higher, hard to afford housing that has already peaked out. Areas such as the Bay Area make it near to impossible to personally invest in real estate.  This is where budding economies that has shows recent signs (cough cough Tucson). Not only job growth and population growth, but municipal and private development are the true signs. Tucson shows all of those signs with a recent proven track record. Contact me now 

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