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Tucson Real Estate Agents Investing Market Heating Up In 2018

First, Tucson real estate investing development has hit critical mass. Bloomberg’s Jed Kelko recently analyzed growing and shrinking metropolitan areas, and he ranked Tucson as 3rd in the nation for job growth with 4.2 percent from 2015 to 2016. Tucson’s economic structure and private investments in Downtown Tucson, along with the new light rail has spurted this turnaround growth. Because Tucson real estate agents investment are turning up, we just scored another corporate deal: Caterpillar regional office finds a new home. Simply put, a growing economy increases its local real estate.

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Second, We will say a little about us. In 2008 I started out in marketing promotions for a local bar/restaurant called Centro. I ended up moving on to a more influential role with a conglomerate called Congress Street Clubs. From this venture I was able to rub shoulders with some of the most influential and successful people in the metro. Above all, I was able to fine tune my marketing while networking my skills, as well as refine and monitor profit margin thru contracted partners.

Janette is a mastermind team builder and real estate expert by way of the family business. The family goes down generations into many many aspect of real estate. From a young age she has been exposed to almost every aspect of real estate transactions you can think of: communal loving, residential, property management, investment strategies, etc. Janette has further made herself a force to be reckoned with when she started her stink in affiliate marketing. Through this she built a powerful team and her true leadership ability really flourished by combining the team work aspect, sales, and social media marketing by tapping into every resource possible to achieve success.

Next, through these past ventures with local businesses, Tucson real estate agents, special events, organizations, and affiliate marketing leads us to here and now years later and bounds stronger. We are now Tucson AZ local real estate agent and partner investors. We decided to focus on this Tucson real estate investing niche because it is in demand. We agents can been seen as “a dime a dozen”. Picture this, a licensed Tucson real estate agent with media professional, marketing, and investing experience? Now, you have very powerful Tucson real estate agents in your corner that will go the extra steps.

The Time To Invest in Tucson Real Estate is Now

In conclusion, Whether bringing your out of state dollars here as an outside investor or a local needed to buy or sell we are here to make a difference. So Contact us now.

One note for outside investors: Bringing your out of state dollars from higher, hard to afford housing that has already peaked out. Areas such as the Bay Area make it near to impossible to personally invest in real estate, this is where growing economies that have shown recent signs (cough cough Tucson) of a better investment. Moreover, not only job growth and population growth, but municipal and private development are the true signs. Tucson shows all of those signs with a recent proven track record. Contact me now

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