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Tucson Arizona Real Estate Agents Investing Market Heating Up In 2018

First of all, Tucson real estate investing development has hit critical mass. Bloomberg’s Jed Kelko recently analyzed growing and shrinking metropolitan areas, and he ranked Tucson as 3rd in the nation for job growth with 4.2 percent from 2015 to 2016. Tucson’s economic restructuring and private investments in Downtown Tucson, along with the new light rail has spurted this turnaround growth. Because Tucson Real Estate agents investments are turning up, we just scored another corporate deal: Caterpillar regional office finds a new home.

The Time To Invest in Arizona Tucson Real Estate is Now

Bringing your out of state dollars here from higher, hard to afford housing that has already peaked out. Areas such as the Bay Area make it near to impossible to personally invest in real estate, this is where growing economies that has shows recent signs (cough cough Tucson). Not only job growth and population growth, but municipal and private development are the true signs. Tucson shows all of those signs with a recent proven track record. Contact me now