Celebrities Who Have Lived in Tucson

New Homes in Tucson: Still doesn’t come easy without good marketing

The city that ranked as 33rd largest city and the one which is 53rd in the list of the largest metropolitan area in the United States, that has its name as Tucson, is located geographically in the state of Arizona. The arid conditions of Tucson are too good for those mindsets who love to experience hot and beautiful sunsets along with some eye-pleasing scenery around. Weather conditions for most situations are predefined and easy to guess the arrival of a particular season. The city is well developed that probably sets a reason for those very popular celebrities to pick a land in the Tucson and have that furnished into enticing structures called as houses. Through this writing, the Tucson is proud to bring those list of celebrities who owned new homes in the city of Tucson.

Paul Mc Cartney

Sir James Paul McCartney, has so many titles under his name that are too long to be listed here. From being a prolific and famous lyricist to the singer, from composing to working on music instruments he has his influence. He is a member of the rock band the Beatles as a guitarist and singer. This popular music composer after quitting from the band bought a property in Tucson. Tucson is happy that Paul McCartney could find Tucson city as an appropriate place to own the land.

Oprah Winfrey

The woman who is self-made and of strong will, the person, who beautifully organizes and manages her own talk show, Oprah Winfrey owns a property in Dove Mountain. The health resorts, that include Miraval and Canyon Ranch are lately getting a lot of praise from this lady and the new homes Tucson are contented with this kind of reactions from a star who has that type of celebrity status.


Linda Ronstadt

Tucson is proud to have one of those famous celebrities who have their hometown as Tucson. This lady is a famous music singer who has rocked every genre of music that spans rock, country, jazz, light opera, and Latin. She has bagged a whopping number of eleven Grammy awards. It is pleasant to have her own a home still, in Tucson.

Adam Sandler

The star who went on to hit huge fame after becoming a member of the Saturday Night Live cast is known for his profound interest in playing golf and spending some time with his family. He is said to have been spotted frequently in the Foothills of the Tucson and is reported to have bought a house there.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Yvonne Stone, the well acclaimed Hollywood actress who even produced films alongside being a fashion model owns a house in the Tucson. The home is well set in the land of Ventana Canyon above a golf course to add more elegance to all the ritzy side of Tucson.

Farrah Fawcett

The hot American actress who has been nominated for four times for Emmy Awards and a boggling number of six times for Golden Globe Award possess a home in the foothills of Tucson where she has her vacation time very often.


There are many more celebrities who have found new homes Tucson to be a brilliant choice to own a home. Apart from those who have owned, people like Nichole Richie, Amanda Beard, and others have called Tucson as their home owing to the rich setting of the climate and the well-built houses. In this beautiful place, Tucson real estate agents help you buy and sell the home and make sure you are comfortable always.

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